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By Joan Tanenhaus on 0 Comments

In addition to iPads, laptops, and smart phones, the last few years have brought us new kinds of toys. Here Joan Tanenhaus reviews some of the latest, including electronic toys, smart toys with related apps, robots, and augmented reality toys, that encourage language, STEM, reasoning and thinking, motor skills, creative play, and help children of all ages to have fun

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Fisher-Price Think Learn Code-a-pillar

This is an amazing toy! It’s designed for young children… but once you take it apart, put it together again, and press the start button, you will see its valuable application to a wide range of learning, problem-solving, critical and analytical thinking, interactive play and as a beginning step in learning coding. In a preschool or kindergarten classroom, Code-a-pillar makes an interesting centre for two to four children working together to send the Code-a-pillar on a trip — from errorless play to creating a set of directions, children will explore and learn in a non-threatening and rewarding environment. At home, it is a toy that presents appropriate play for siblings over a wide range of ages and skill levels.

The Code-a-pillar contains the head and control button segment and then there are eight additional segments. Each of these are marked with a colour and signal light that tells you the direction it will take — (3) green arrow forward, (2) orange arrow left, (2) yellow arrow right, and a music segment. Segments pull apart and snap together easily with USB-type connectors and there is no right or wrong order. Connect any way you like and press the button and the Code-a-pillar reviews its program (each segment lights up in turn) and then it begins its route.

The segment being played flashes — when it completes, it stops flashing and the next one begins flashing. You can use a few segments, all segments, or add additional segments (up to 15) from three available expansion packs: Basic (has one forward, one 90-degree right-turn and one 90-degree left-turn); Master Moves (one 180-degree left-turn, one 45-degree right-turn, and a Repeat segment, and Silly Sounds Light (one Sleepy ZZZs sound, one Wacky sound and one Happy sound).

Master Moves Silly Sounds Light

There are many ways to encourage children to play creatively as well as learn. First step for the youngest learners is just pressing the button to start the Code-a-pillar on its journey. Then, they can learn to pull apart and put together the pieces — in any order they want. As they do this, they will observe (and can be taught to observe) the differences in the routes — Did it go straight? Did it turn? How far did it go? etc. Then they will begin to observe the visual directions on each segment and begin to understand its symbolic meaning. As they rearrange and program different combinations, they can learn to plan and sequence a path, and learn to get wherever they want — from start to finish, under a table, around a chair, on and on. And as they do this, they develop problem-solving skills, critical and analytical thinking, sequencing, beginning coding and more, playing alone or together with others.

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Motivation is an emotional state that links the parts of our brain that feel with the parts that are responsible for action.

There are two basic desires that spark Motivation: moving towards something desirable, and moving away from something not desirable.

Motivation is an emotion, not a logical activity. Just because your brain thinks you should be motivated, that doesn’t mean you’ll become motivated automatically.

Conflicts result when there are “move towards” and “move away” signals at the same time. This defense mechanism was developed to avoid risks in the past, but most present risks are no longer life or death situations like they used to be.

As long as there are also “move away” signals that create a Conflict, it’s hard to feel motivated to do something. Eliminate the inner conflicts that make you move away from potential threats, and you’ll find your motivation.

Josh Kaufman Explains ‘Motivation’

Motivation is something that you probably think about all the time, using terms like “I’m feeling really motivated to get this done,” or “I’m not feeling very motivated to do this right now.” Since so many of us rely on the term to explain our daily experience, it’s worthwhile to understand what we’re actually talking about.

Using the 2018 Unisex Gold Beya Leather Pointed loafers With Paypal Online Websites Really Cheap 09hV9k0f7C
as a basic model, motivation is the link between the midbrain (which perceives the world) and the hindbrain (which sends the signals to our body to take action).

In most cases, motivation is automatic-our mind perceives a difference between the way things are and the way we want them to be, and the body acts to eliminate the difference.

You can break down the experience of motivation into two basic desires: moving toward things that are desirable, and moving away from things that aren’t.

Things that fulfill our Core Human Drives appear desirable, so we experience an impulse to move toward them. Things that appear dangerous, scary, or threatening are undesirable, so we experience an impulse to move away from them.

In general, “moving away” takes priority over “moving toward.” The reason comes back to Caveman Syndrome-if you value your survival, running away from a lion takes priority over cooking lunch.

Let’s say you have an exciting opportunity to start a new business. A feeling of excitement may cause you to move toward that opportunity. At the same time, if the opportunity requires you to leave a high-paying job you like, which feels risky, you may be compelled to move away from the very same opportunity, resulting in Conflict.

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